‘Honor & Gratitude’ documentary featuring stories of Montgomery Vietnam vets to debut at 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 23, in Silver Spring

Honor & Gratitude: Chronicles of Montgomery County
Vietnam Veterans to debut on Wednesday, March 23
At Montgomery College’s Cultural Arts Center on its Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus, documentary will continue County’s
salute to veterans 40 Years after war’s end

Honor & Gratitude: Chronicles of Montgomery County Vietnam Veterans, a documentary that features seven Montgomery County residents telling their stories as veterans of the Vietnam War, will debut at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23, in a special premier screening at the Cultural Arts Center on Montgomery College’s Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus. The premiere, which is free and open to the public, continues the County’s salute to its Vietnam veterans 40 years after the war concluded.

In October 2015, County Executive Ike Leggett, who is a Vietnam veteran, and the County Council joined the County’s PEG (Public/Education/Government) cable stations in hosting a salute to the County’s Vietnam veterans at an event at the Universities at Shady Grove that was attended by a capacity crowd of more than 800. It was the first major event the County had ever held to salute Vietnam veterans.

Limited seats remain for the screening of the documentary that was part of the project to honor the more than 13,000 Vietnam veterans who currently live in Montgomery County and the estimated 130-140 County residents who died in the 10-year conflict.

The Cultural Arts Center is located at 7995 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring. More information about the screening, including details on how to register to attend the event, can be found at https://honor-and-gratitude.eventbrite.com .

Following the 70-minute documentary, there will be a panel discussion, and question and answer session, featuring Vietnam veterans.

Honor & Gratitude: Chronicles of Montgomery County Vietnam Veterans was produced by two Emmy Award-winning members of the PEG organization. Dan Rankin of Montgomery College’s cable station MCTV is the producer/director and videographer/editor of the documentary. Barbara Grunbaum of County Cable Montgomery (CCM) was the co-producer and interviewer.

The documentary will soon be available on the County’s PEG stations including County Cable Montgomery (CCM), Montgomery Community Media (MCM), the Montgomery College station (MCTV), the Montgomery County Public Schools station (MCPS TV), the City of Rockville station (Rockville 11) and the City of Takoma Park station (Takoma Park City TV).

“The documentary features the narratives of a prisoner of war, a nurse, a Marine, two infantrymen, an air cavalryman and a boat operator. Some were drafted; some enlisted,” said Ms. Grunbaum. “Taken together, their stories paint a picture of this controversial war’s impact on those who fought on the front lines, as well as what they faced when they returned home.”

Bob Schieffer, the retired host of CBS News’ Face the Nation, was the host and guest speaker for the October Honor and Gratitude: Montgomery Salutes Vietnam Veterans event. That event featured a special salute to Everett Alvarez, Jr., Fred Cherry, Michael Cronin, Hubert Clifford Walker and Larry Stark, each of whom endured horrendous conditions as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. Each made their homes in Montgomery County after the war. The documentary includes the story of retired Navy Commander Alvarez, Jr., who was the first American aviator shot down over Vietnam and who was held prisoner for 8 ½ years.

The premiere of the documentary also will honor retired Air Force Colonel Cherry, a Silver Spring resident who passed away on March 29.

For more information, about the special ‘Honor and Gratitude’ event held in October, visit http://www.mocovietnamvets.org/ .

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