5 former Vietnam POWs to attend as Montgomery County salutes Vietnam veterans on Sat., Oct. 24

Fred Cherry POW – Oct. 22, 1965 to Feb. 12, 1973

Hubert Walker POW – Jan. 14, 1968 to March 14, 1973

Larry Stark POW – Jan. 31, 1968 to March 5, 1973

Everett Alvarez, Jr. POW – 8 1/2 Years

Michael Cronin POW – Jan. 13, 1967 to March 4, 1973

Everett Alvarez, Jr., Fred Cherry, Michael Cronin,
Hubert Walker and Larry Stark Will Be Honored in
Rare Assembling of Those Who Were Imprisoned in War

Bob Schieffer, Recently Retired from CBS News, Will Host
Special ‘Honor and Gratitude’ Program in Rockville
Saluting Heroes Who Never Received the Proper Appreciation
When War in Southeast Asia Ended 40 Years Ago

Everett Alvarez, Jr., Fred Cherry, Michael Cronin, Hubert Clifford Walker and Larry Stark, each of whom endured horrendous conditions as a prisonersof war during the Vietnam War, but who emerged with a determination to return with “our personal integrity, our reputation and with our honor,” all will be present on Saturday, Oct. 24, as Montgomery County honors the men and women who served the nation during the Vietnam War. The event will take place at the Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, starting at 10:30 a.m. Read more…